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Sports Vision Care From Our College Station Optometrist

If you're serious about your sports performance, you need to be equally serious about your sports vision. Visual acuity, contrast sensitivity, binocular vision, eye tracking and visual processing skills can make all the difference between performing to your usual standard and achieving a new personal best. Our College Station optometrist here at Crystal Vision Center, Dr. Brice, can administer sports vision testing and corrective techniques to help you optimize your eyesight as you play to win.sports vision care from our college station optometrist

Eye Care and Sports Performance

High-quality eye care is important for everyone in any walk of life -- but for those who engage in sports activities, optimal eye function and visual coordination are absolutely crucial, and the margin for error can be razor-thin. This is especially true for issues such as:

  • Visual acuity - While a score of 20/20 on the Snellen eye chart is considered "perfect" for most individuals, it's actually possible to enjoy even greater visual acuity -- and many athletes aren't even achieving 20/20 vision due to an undiagnosed refractive error such as presbyopia or nearsightedness.
  • Eye coordination - Your eyes must be able to focus on objects and track their motion as efficiently as possible, whether that object is a baseball or another player on the field.
  • Depth perception - If your brain isn't using both eyes' input equally, you may have trouble estimating distance or perceiving depth during that auto race or another event.
  • Contrast sensitivity - If colors seem to run together due to lack of contrast sensitivity, you may have trouble following the ball.

Sharper Vision and Eye Safety for Athletes

Our eye doctor offers a range of specialized, in-depth eye and vision evaluations for athletes. In addition to checking for refractive errors, we can run contrast sensitivity tests, Hershberg testing to detect eye coordination problems, and other specialized tests to catch even the tiniest impediments to your vision.

Once we've isolated those little deficiencies, we can proceed to treat them. Refractive errors can be compensated for with corrective lenses such as glasses or contacts. Sports glasses can also play a critical role in athletic eye safety. In addition to preventing damaging UV exposure, shatter-resistant polycarbonate lenses can help protect your eyes against injuries. Special tints on those lenses can also improve contrast. Vision therapy exercises can build your focusing muscles, while light-based simulations can help you refine your eye teaming/tracking, visual processing, and hand-to-eye coordination.

Call Crystal Vision Center Today!

If you're ready to make sure that your eyes are performing at the same tip-top level as the rest of you, then it's time to talk to our eye doctor. Call Crystal Vision Center at 979-764-0669 to schedule sports vision testing and find out whether sports vision therapy makes sense for your particular activity. While you're at it, check this website for our current new clients specials or other special offers!