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Glaucoma Care from Our Eye Doctor in College Station

It's easy to take your eyes and vision for granted if they seem to work flawlessly year after year -- but diseases such as glaucoma can bring you back to reality by robbing you of your eyesight. While some cases of glaucoma strike suddenly and painfully, most can take a number of years to progress, silently destroying parts of your eye without your realizing it. But you have more control over this situation than you might realize -- especially when you're receiving glaucoma treatment and related eye care from our eye doctor in College Station, Dr. Sherri Brice.

man being treated for glaucoma by college station eye doctor

How Glaucoma Happens Explained by

Glaucoma is optic nerve damage that causes vision loss. It's usually related to high pressure inside the eye from an excess of a fluid called the aqueous humor. The eye produces steady quantities of this fluid, with excess fluid drained out through a mesh of small ducts in the iris, exiting the eye through an angled opening into the conjunctiva. If anything happens to interfere with this drainage routine, the eye pressure can build up until it starts to destroy optic nerve tissue. Risk factors include underlying health conditions, your age (with the risk rising after 40), ethnic origin, family history and extreme refractive errors.

When to See Dr. Brice

One type of glaucoma called angle-closure glaucoma makes its presence known through acute spikes in fluid pressure as eye drainage is completely cut off. Symptoms of this emergency condition, which can cause permanent vision loss without immediate care, include vision changes, nausea, vomiting and severe headache or eye pain. But the more common open-angle glaucoma may show no symptoms at all for many years; by the time you begin losing peripheral vision (the first obvious symptom), much of the damage is done. That's why regular eye exams are critical for catching glaucoma early. Our optometrist can check your eye pressure for any signs of ocular hypertension, a major "red flag" for glaucoma risk.

Glaucoma Treatment at Crystal Vision Center

If a comprehensive eye exam reveals high pressure and signs of optic nerve damage, don't despair. Crystal Vision Center can provide you with effective glaucoma treatment options such as:

  • Eye drops - Some medicated eye drops reduce the amount of fluid produced by the eye, while others increase the rate of fluid drainage. We may prescribe either or both types of treatment as part of your regular home eye care regimen.

  • Oral medications - Oral drugs can boost the power of eye drops when a stronger glaucoma treatment method is needed.

  • Laser surgery - Even severe glaucoma can respond to laser surgery procedures that alter the eye's drainage system. We can refer you to the necessary specialist and co-manage your recovery.

Schedule a Comprehensive Eye Exam With Our  College Station Optometrist

Glaucoma treatment starts with detection, so call us today at 979-764-0669 to schedule your next comprehensive eye exam. Our optometrist can help you enjoy great vision for many more years!