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Dry Eye Treatment Solutions

When an eye doctor determines that you have dry eyes, it can lead to concerns about your vision and the overall health of your eyes. In some cases, dry eyes contribute to a loss of vision or the development of an infection. By treating dry eyes with the help of an optometrist in College Station, you can reduce the risks associated with the condition and improve your vision.

dry eyes

What is Dry Eye?

As the name implies, dry eye refers to a situation when your eyes do not produce enough tears or you do not have quality tears. As a result, your eyes end up drying out instead of remaining moist.

In healthy eyes, you produce tears naturally and it spreads over your eyes each time you blink. Dry eyes occur when your body does not spread tears over your eyes for any reason. In most cases, the cause is poor production of tears; however, some individuals do not produce quality tears, even when the quantity is appropriate. The tears help nourish and moisturize your eyes, so poor quality tears cause complications with your health.

Causes of Dry Eyes

The reasons that dry eye develops ultimately depend on the situation. The most common causes of dry eyes include:

  • Getting older
  • Being female, particularly during times of hormonal changes like pregnancy or menopause
  • Taking medications that cause dry eyes as a side effect
  • Developing certain medical conditions
  • Your environment and personal behaviors, such as being exposed to smoke or staring at a screen for an extended period
  • Getting a laser treatment

Generally, older men and women experience some form of dry eye as part of the aging process. Other causes vary and changing some of the factors that contribute to dry eyes can help reduce the complications.

Dry Eye Treatment Options in College Station

Appropriate dry eye treatments depend on the underlying cause of the problem and the possible solutions that apply to the situation. Our Optometrist in College Station will discuss the possible environmental factors before determining an appropriate course of action. When changes to your behavior or alterations in your environment can reduce the risk of dry eyes, we recommend appropriate alterations to your situation.

When the underlying cause stems from factors beyond your control, such as aging or taking a medication, we provide appropriate medical treatments. Eye drops that help reduce inflammation in the eyes or on the eyelids can help reduce the discomfort. Alternatively, we suggest medications that help your eyes produce more tears. Treatments vary based on the cause, especially if the underlying cause is a temporary situation and changes will occur after a certain amount of time.

Dry eyes increase the risk of developing certain eye infections or other complications. The tears help nourish your eyes, so it is important to produce quality tears and ensure that the amount keeps your eyes healthy. For more details about treatment solutions or to set up an appointment, contact us today.