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Crystal Vision Center Is Your Source for Sunglasses​

Sunglasses may be a fabulous fashion accessory, but they're also an important health safeguard -- if you choose them wisely. The right pair of sunglasses can block the ultraviolet radiation that causes serious eye and vision problems, while the wrong kind may leave you vulnerable to these devastating rays without even knowing it. If you seek stylish sunglasses that will also provide the necessary UV protection, look to our eye doctor at Crystal Vision Center, Dr. Brice.

sunglasses from your optometrist in college station

A Critical Form of UV Protection

Ultraviolet, or UV, is a form of radiation invisible to the eye, although its effects can be all too apparent. One type of ultraviolet, UVC, never makes it all the way through the atmosphere, but two other kinds, UVA and UVB, pose a direct threat to your ocular health. In the short term, UV exposure can result in an irritating "eye sunburn" called photokeratitis. Over time, it can also cause cataracts and contribute to macular degeneration. The skin surrounding your eyes is also at risk. UV rays are a leading cause of skin cancer, including the skin of the eyelids. These dangers make UV protection an eye care necessity for your entire family.

High-Quality Sunglasses and Eyeglasses From Our Optometrist in College Station

Even when people understand that they need to protect their against dangerous UV rays, they often pick the wrong tools for the job without realizing it. Many of the sunglasses you see at the local discount store may have imposingly dark-looking lens tint, but the tint of the lenses has nothing to do with the sunglasses' ability to block UV -- only visible light. (In fact, that darker tint could make things even worse by allowing the pupils to dilate, directing even more UV straight into the eye.) It's absolutely critical that you choose sunglasses that truly protect your eyes, and that's why you should get your sunglasses from our optometrist in College Station.

Crystal Vision Center offers a wide range of sunglass styles and tints to suit every age, facial structure, taste and corrective lens prescription. In addition to sunglasses, we also offer eyeglasses with photochromic lenses that grow darker or lighter as your ambient light changes in intensity. Most important of all, any sunglasses or tinted eyeglasses you get from our eye doctor will provide "UV 400" protection, meaning that the lenses will block all wavelengths up to 400 nanometers -- an entire range of the ultraviolet band. We can provide such helpful extras as polarized lenses that block that troublesome glare reflected by roadways, snow, sand and water.

Call Crystal Vision Center Today!

If you and your loved ones want to enjoy the sun while also observing essential eye care, come to Crystal Vision Center for some safe, sun-busting sunglasses. Call 979-764-0669 today for an appointment -- and if you're new to us, ask about our new client special! We look forward to meeting you!