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Blue Light Blocking Lenses

Here at Crystal Vision Center, we’re concerned with your eye care and its effects from technology. Digital technology presents a significant challenge in keeping your vision safe over the long haul and it’s important to protect your eyes. The good news is that there’s a solution: blue light blocking lenses.

blue light blocking lenses

Benefits of Blue Light Lenses

Electromagnetic radiation comes in a variety of different wavelengths, with the visible spectrum constituting the wavelengths that we can see – known as “light.” There are seven different colors of light, but our bodies are not adapted to seeing all colors all of the time. In fact, until a hundred years ago or so, humans did not even have access to bright light after sundown, when we were restricted to candle flames and fireplaces (red light), and maybe the moon. These sources of light were not nearly as bright, or disruptive, to our sleep as the bright electronic screens to which most of us have access today.

Now people have access to light all the time, and not just any light: blue light, which formerly was not available except during the bright daytime. Unfortunately, your body reacts strongly to the presence of blue light. It tells your body that the day is not over, preventing your organs and cells from completing “tasks” that are normally triggered by nighttime, such as digestion or cell division.

In other words, our access to electronics is disrupting your body’s ability to tell the difference between day and night, which can cause serious health issues, including sleeplessness, feelings of jet lag, or even diabetes and cancer.

Considering Blue Light Blocking Lenses

Obviously, the ability to block that blue light at night is an important one for saving your body’s daily rhythms and helping prevent such serious effects. That’s why we carry blue light blocking lenses that you can put on at night. Even if you have to work late, for instance, you can now wear blue light blocking lenses so that your body doesn’t know it’s still “daytime” for you, and your natural cycles are preserved.

Examine Your Eyes with Our Optometrist

Before you can experience the beauty of a blue light lens, you need to see an optometrist. We’ll perform an eye exam and do a lens fitting to ensure you get a pair that works for you and your lifestyle today.

Protect Your Vision at Crystal Vision Center

Looking for a quality optometrist who can help you learn more about blue light blocking lenses, and whether they’re for you? Look no further than Crystal Vision Center, the eye clinic trusted by thousands in the College Station area. Here you will receive personalized attention and professional care unrivaled by any other optometrist in town, as well as an experienced and informed staff to help make sure you make the best decision possible about your eye health.

Please call 979-764-0669 today to make an appointment with our optometrist. We look forward to seeing and serving you today.