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Posted on 08-21-2017

Sunglasses as Eye Care: An Alert From Our Eye Doctor in College Station

You may have spent a pretty penny on those equally pretty sunglasses you found at the mall. Not only are they truly stylish, but they’re also nice and dark, so obviously your eyes are protected -- or are they? Our eye doctor in College Station wants you to be aware that there can be more -- or less -- to some sunglasses than meets the eye.proper uv protection offered by your college station optometrist

UV and Your Vision

Sunglasses are definitely necessary whenever you’re outdoors during daylight hours. Ultraviolet (UV) radiation reaches the Earth in two forms, UVA and UVB -- both of which are bad news for your eyes and vision. UV exposure can figure in photokeratitis (“snow blindness,” a kind of sunburn of the eye), cataracts, macular degeneration and eyelid cancer. 

Sunglasses can filter out this dangerous radiation, but only if they’re made properly. Many sunglasses actually lack the proper filtering power to block UV, which is invisible to the eye. Very dark sunglasses may block plenty of visible light without blocking UV. This may be even worse than no protection at all because the dark tint allows your pupils to dilate -- welcoming even more UV radiation into the eye.

Serious Eye Care From Our Optometrist

If you want fashionable sunglasses that genuinely protect your vision, visit Crystal Vision Center. Our optometrist can equip you with prescription (or non-prescription) sunglasses that are rated “UV400,” meaning that they block out the entire range of ultraviolet light (both UVA and UVB). We can also provide photochromic glasses that can double as indoor or outdoor glasses, growing darker or lighter in response to light levels while consistently blocking UV. 

Call Crystal Vision Center Today!

Enjoy the great outdoors with full confidence that you’re doing the best thing for your eyes. Call Crystal Vision Center at 979-764-0669 to learn more about our UV-busting sunglass options!

Have you ever experienced a case of snow blindness after a day on the beach, highway or ski slope? Tell us about the experience!

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