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Posted on 06-29-2017

Our College Station Optometrist Is Ready To Help You With Your Eye Allergies 

Approximately 22 million people suffer from eye allergies/conjunctivitis each year. Allergens present both indoors and outdoors cause eye allergies to occur while seasonal pollens and molds are the primary cause of conjunctivitis. Although itching is the number one reported symptom, tearing, redness, blurred vision and burning are associated with the constant irritation people experience. Because our caring College Station optometrist at Crystal Vision is committed to your eye care in and out of the office, we are ready to help you stop eye allergies in their tracks. your eye doctor in college station can help you with eye allergies

How Our Eye Doctor Cares For Eye Allergies

When you come to visit us we will determine if you are suffering from acute or chronic eye allergies, or, if you are even experiencing eyes allergies at all. Once we have ruled out eye irritation and have determined the problem, we can discuss treatment options that are suited for your symptoms. 

Diagnosing Eye Allergies First

Eye allergy diagnosis takes place in a few steps. First, our eye doctor will look for swollen blood vessels in the eye under a microscope. Dr. Brice will ask questions about how vision is affected by the irritation, how long it lasts if the symptoms you experience are constant, intermittent or occur throughout certain seasons. While conjunctivitis is generally a straightforward diagnosis, on occasion it may not be clear. Because we are passionate about eye care, a proper diagnosis is crucial.

Eye Care For Conjunctivitis

We will prescribe eye drops to treat your condition in most cases. We may also suggest allergy shots or non-drowsy antihistamines when necessary. We suggest patients take preventive measures by keeping windows closed during high pollen season, washing hands after touching pets and using dust mite covers on pillows. 

Call Our College Station Optometrist Today!

Ready to get rid of eye allergies for good? Our College Station optometrist looks forward to seeing you at an appointment soon. Please call us at 979-764-0669 to schedule. We look forward to meeting with you!

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